The BreakThrough: Ice education for families Participant Handbook was developed as an additional resource to the face-to-face training program.

We encourage families who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions to download and read the booklet, share it with loved ones, and contact any of the following support services for additional advice or support: 

- Family Drug Help - 1300 660 068

- 1800 ICE ADVICE - 1800 423 238

To download a copy of the resource booklet, click on the image to the right . 

Talking Point presentation: “BreakThrough: What the families have taught us” – 31 August 2016


Naomi Crafti from Turning Point and Heather Pickard from SHARC describe the BreakThrough project and the positive impact participants have had on program development as they share their experiences and knowledge.

Meth Inside Out: Brain and Behaviour – “Pleasure”


This short clip from Meth Inside Out, a joint venture between UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) and Eyes of the World Media Group explains the impact crystal meth (ice) has on the brain.