COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update



BreakThrough face-to-face sessions will be suspended until further notice. Anyone who has booked into a session will be contacted and offered further support. We will keep you as informed as possible through this period of uncertainty based on the most up to date information as it becomes available. 

Many families, in addition to worrying about their loved one's ice use, are anxious about the coronavirus. Our resources page has links to a number of mental health services, all of which have tips and advice about dealing with stress during this difficult time. We strongly encourage you to reach out and connect via phone or web, look after yourself and pay attention to your own health and well-being.


No sessions available at this time.

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If there are no suitable sessions below within your local area, please CONTACT US.  

BreakThrough can be held across regional or metropolitan Victoria. Sessions can be tailored to meet your community needs.

Download the booklet

We encourage families who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions to download and read the participant handbook, share it with loved ones, and contact the support services listed for additional advice or support.

Click on the image to download the booklet.