There is a lot of misinformation in the media and public discourse about drug use and ice in particular. BreakThrough provides information about what ice is, why people use it and why it causes problems for the individual, families and the broader community.

BreakThrough helps families to identify if loved ones are using ice and their patterns of drug use. It also provides practical strategies about how to talk to loved ones about their drug use and how families can manage challenging behaviours and look after themselves. Information on where to access additional help and support is provided.

BreakThrough was developed by Turning Point, SHARC and the Bouverie Centre with funding from the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria.

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The best thing about BreakThrough is that you have the choice of attending a session in person or completing the program online. There is no cost involved and we encourage participants to do both.

Register to access BreakThrough online then work through the program at your own pace. Attend a face-to-face session and connect with other families.

BreakThrough covers three topics - Facts, Strategies and Help



  • Types of drug use and reasons for use

  • Ice and effects

  • ‘Come down’ and withdrawal

  • Drugs and mental health



  • Talking to your loved one

  • Stages of change

  • Family roles

  • Responding to challenging behaviours

  • Self care for families

  • Safety plan for families



  • Support, assistance and professional help

Attend a Session

Face to Face

BreakThrough supports you to get the facts, develop strategies and find out where to access help and support.

Run as either a single 4 hour session or 2 x 2 hour sessions (usually over 2 weeks), BreakThrough connects you with other families who share similar experiences.

Sessions are free of charge.

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